Chris MarksChris Marks is a photographer and marine biologist based in Boston, Massachusetts.  He blends these two disciplines to create stunning environmental nature photography.  As a naturalist, he strives to view the world around him and portray it to others in a relevant, beautiful context.   His landscapes document the intricate details of lighting and texture to create moody portraits that exude emotion.  His underwater shots fuse knowledge of marine biology with the beauty of the submerged world.  The textures of marine organisms play an especially prominent role in his imagery.  As he travels the world conducting research and photographing his surroundings, expect his imagery to incite a response.

Chris is available for contract and assignment work, and has experience as an event photographer.


Artist’s Statement

HeadshotI became a biologist because the living world is fascinating.  The world around us takes on a seemingly infinite number of colors, textures, and shapes, and they interact in delicate balance to give us great diversity on an otherwise small world.  All living things are comprised of only four molecules arranged in different ways.  As these molecules combine to make organisms, it is equally intriguing to watch how they interact with the molecules that make up the environment.  As a biologist, I find this seductive to my curiosity, as these interactions are crucial to scientific discovery.  And as a photographer,  I strive to place my subject within this biological context.

I am, therefore,  a biologist with a passion for photography.  When I am not working in the lab as a graduate student, I am outside capturing the surrounding world through a creative lens.  I love shooting landscapes, wildlife, macro, and underwater photography.  As a marine biologist, I have a great love for the sea.  Consequently, most of my photos feature the sea, from actual underwater shots, to marine wildlife, to coastal landscapes.  Enjoy!



I shoot with Canon equipment.  I have a variety of cameras and high quality lenses to capture subjects at wide angle, closeup, and telephoto.  I use Adobe Lightroom and the Nik Creative Suite for image processing.